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​ ​Vision
​A robust, efficient and effective department that provides policy research focused towards macroeconomic stability.
Mission​ ​
​To anticipate future socio-economic environment by producing high quality policy research and forecasting.
Functions​ ​
  • Continuous research and analysis work on socio-economic issues.
  • Produce weekly, monthly and quarterly reports on recent domestic and external macroeconomic development in the Weekly Insight (W.IN) Report,         on domestic and selected economies' economic indicators in the monthly Economic Indicators Reports and on domestic macroeconomic                   development in the quarterly Brunei Economic Bulletin (BEB).
  • Preparing economic modelling and forecasting such as Financial Programming and Policy Model (FPP), Macroeconometric Model and  Computable       General Equilibrium Model (CGE).
  • Produce working and policy papers. 
  • Maintain and manage domestic and external macroeconomic development database (W.IN), economic variables database (FPP and CGE) and Input-
       Output Tables (IOT)

  • Prepare information or reports requested by local and International organisations such as the International Monetary Fund, Asian Development Bank,
        Oxford Business Group, United Nations Development Programme, World Trade Orginasation, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, governemnt
        departments/ministries and the other organisations in relation to macroeconomic development or issues and forecast.
  • Prepare and conduct briefings/trainings on Brunei Darussalam's macroeconomic development.
  • Secretariat to the Brunei Research Council and focal points for matters relating to research and development in Brunei Darussalam.
  • To formulate policies and requirements for conducting research in Brune Darussalam
  • To prepare the regulations and guidelines for assessing and evaluating research project proposals
  • To identify clusters of research and to give priority to strategic areas, particularly those which have significant value-added to economic growth
  • To ensure proposed research activities are in line with the nation's development goals especially towards achieving Wawasan Brunei 2035
  • To identify the needs to enhance the level of research undertaken in Brunei Darussalam
  • To encourage research collaborations between the Government and Non-Government agencies
  • To monitor and regulate research activities to ensure compliance with country's rules and regulations
  • To ensure that the outcome of research activities are widely disseminated
  • Secretariat to the National Coordination Committee for Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and focal points for matters relating to MDGs.
  • Strengthening staff training and human capacity building in macroeconomic research.
Strategic Goals​ ​
   ​All of the macroeconomic objectives are met: high economic growth, low unemployment, low inflation and balanced trade Coordinated Policy
       Research and Economic Outlook
Strategies​ ​
  • Strengthen Planning Process and Framework 
  • Strengthen the Quality of Economic Researchers  
  • Produce Quality and Reliable Outlook and Forecast